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Our Care

Dementia care requires a unique approach that focuses on personalised care and a dynamic social agenda. At The Willows, we emphasise personalised care that promotes enriching experiences. Click here to learn more about our approach to dementia care.

Our Facilities

At The Willows Residential Care Home, we provide our residents with a homely and comfortable environment that they deserve. We offer many lifestyle facilities within the home, including a hair salon, where our residents can unwind and enjoy a little extra pampering. Our staff takes pride in offering high-quality care, while giving residents the freedom to live as independently as possible.

Our Activities

Our activity program at The Willows Residential Care Home is second to none. We strive to provide activities that are not only entertaining but that also promote the overall well-being of our residents. From exercise classes to arts and crafts, music sessions to day trips out, we have something for everyone. Our goal is to engage our residents and create an environment that fosters a sense of connectedness, purpose and joy. We understand that every resident is unique, so we tailor our activities to suit their individual needs and preferences.

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Why Choose The Willows?

Care Plans We Accept

At The Willows, we prioritise the comfort and well-being of our residents. Our personalised care approach, dynamic social agenda, and comforting amenities like our serene sensory garden set us apart from other care homes. Click here to learn more about why you should choose The Willows.

Our Specialist Carers

Our team of specialist carers are trained to provide personalised care that caters to the unique needs of our residents. From dementia care to orthopaedic care, our caregivers prioritise the comfort and well-being of our residents. Click here to learn more about our specialist caregivers.

Our Respite Services

We understand the importance of taking care of yourself as a caregiver. That's why we offer respite services that provide temporary relief for caregivers. Click here to learn more about our respite services.

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